Home is where…

Well after we heard Jayden has been telling kids at school that he gonna get his 14-year-old cousin from Winnipeg to beat them up, we thought it must be time to take a trip back home for a visit, (and to calm that kid down)…

It’s the weekend, treat your ears:

We decided to make the visit a surprise for all the kids and in the week leading up nearly everyone blabbed something to nearly blow the surprise, (I’m looking at you Dad… and A… and Auntie R…). By some miracle, they didn’t catch on… UNTIL Mom called them the very morning we were making the trip and said, “Aren’t you so excited Auntie and H are coming to visit?!” (We knew she was the weak link).


Our first morning in town, we started off with coffee and hot-tubbing in the beautiful November morning. Mom has two very little kittens at her house that need to be fed with a syringe so we played with the kitties and gave them their breakfast. Then I tempted fate and crept into Auntie R’s room with some coffee to lure her into waking up and joining us. Regret! Instant regret. But she finally came around.

turkey  trail

The Museum was having their annual turkey shoot showdown and so yes.of.course. we had to go. We shot, we walked, we got turkied.

We’ll enjoy a little more visiting in the morning before hitting the dusty trail for (our other) home sweet home.



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  1. oldgrannygirl says:

    I sure am glad you are doing this blog. I love it!

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