How I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks without counting a single calorie

(Okay, so really it’s 8lbs but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Our family started a whole food diet a couple weeks ago after meeting with a naturopath to kick off a healthier lifestyle so we are now fully in the throes of what I fondly refer to as Whole Food Hell.

*Honestly, (HONESTLY!): the focus is not losing weight (or only one of us *cough* me *cough* would be doing it), but to target better health for our whole family in many different aspects.

**But also honestly, the scale IS one of the tools that show me the progress I’m making and can be a positive motivator.


The general gist? Avoid refined flour and sugars (even natural sugars), eat lots of veggies, eat raw nuts, eat eggs, eat avacados… And of course break-up with bacon, processed crap, etc.

So how is A taking it? He is grudgingly on board. H? He’s in full revolt.

Two lies and a truth:

H threatens that when he is 18 he will:

A. Stay out as late as he wants

B. Play video games all day

C. Eat all the KD and pizza pops he likes


We have actually been eating very, very well. Here are a few recipes we’ve used to far that at least 2 out of the 3 of us loved (you can guess who the 1 might be!):

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Bell Pepper Nacho Boats

Chicken Zucchini Poppers

And yes, dessert too! Apple Crisp that’s healthy enough that I’m letting H have a bit for breakfast tomorrow to coax him to consider not writing off our new food plan entirely. #briberyworks #crossingmyfingers


In addition to changing what we eat, I have been walking. A lot. Like, maybe not compared to some people but many more steps than I usually rack up sitting in my office all day. I usually take a walk at lunch time and then scramble to get the rest of my steps after dinner. (Okay, so not the best planning I know but look, at least I’m getting it done)!

10,000 steps doesn’t seem so crazy until you watch your Fitbit for awhile and see just how sedentary you are! Or, you know, when it’s 87 million degrees below zero (not accounting for windchill) and you’re only 25% done for the day.


So what are our next steps? More saying yes to good food and skipping junk. More walking and turning up the exercise routine. And yes, more B&C from H.


It’s not rocket science but it IS hard work! I am proud of our successes so far and am looking forward to all the many more I’m sure are down the road for us. And Christmas dinners… we’re DEFINITELY looking forward to those too!

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  1. oldgrannygirl says:

    That is most wonderful….I may be attempting such a thing myself, after Christmas, well maybe after my birthday. It just makes such good sense. But you may have to make a compromise with H….6 days on, one for free-wheeling?


  2. Yes, we’re actually just targeting ~90% so there’s room here and there for treats and exceptions.

    In fact, he had some mac & cheese this weekend. 😎 NOT that he’ll remember that when salmon’s on the menu!


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