Murder, Math, and Perogies

With the alarm clock ting-a-ling ringin’ in my head
I woke up dog tired, beat down, half dead…

Between math and hockey, math and hockey, the weekend just flew by and it sure IS Monday!

H finished up Module 1 and received 85%! We phoned a few people to shamelessly brag share the news and Auntie F’s “holy shit” was a satisfying (and appreciated!) reaction. So proud of his work so far!

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The War Whoop Heard Across the World

Holidays came to a screeching halt today and after sleeping in past my alarm, I hauled myself back into the office and H was prodded off to school. (A, sadly, had already been back to work for a week).

As much as I would have liked to be on holidays indefinitely, I was looking forward to today a little, as I was ready to get started with H’s math program. I don’t exactly recall the 7 stages of grief but am becoming familiar with the stages of (homeschooling math) grief:

Terror, sheer terror, some extra terror, lots of planning, then a dash more terror before finally: acceptance/let’s get this over with already.

The 17th Ring of Hell (oh, and Christmas)

A little hodge podge to catch up… A is back at work and H and I are in our second week of holidays and they have been flying by in a whirlwind! Between Christmases with all our family and H’s hockey tournament (GOLD BABY!), time has gone by in a POUF!

With Granny M’s departure today, I am starting to look around at all the things I meant to do over the holiday and haven’t started and the more miles she goes down the road the longer my list gets… Cat hair and crafts and cleaning, oh my!