The 17th Ring of Hell (oh, and Christmas)

A little hodge podge to catch up… A is back at work and H and I are in our second week of holidays and they have been flying by in a whirlwind! Between Christmases with all our family and H’s hockey tournament (GOLD BABY!), time has gone by in a POUF!

With Granny M’s departure today, I am starting to look around at all the things I meant to do over the holiday and haven’t started and the more miles she goes down the road the longer my list gets… Cat hair and crafts and cleaning, oh my!

                                                     One of my favourites… and very fitting!

And oh, the cooking! On top of our switch to eating (mostly) whole foods, the naturopath has imposed a no-dairy week on H and he is in FULL mutiny! We are on day 3 of no-dairy, no-fruit, no-sugar, no-refined-flour, no-peanuts, no-vinegar, hell!

Yes we still eat (meat, veggies, nuts, eggs, wholewheat pasta and wraps). I would say “etc” but there really is no etc…. Try appeasing a ravenous 14 year old who wants to eat every 23 minutes with a celery sticks and almond butter! H might think he’s looking forward to milk (and peanut butter and bread and bananas) but WE are looking forward to him having those things EVEN MORE so we don’t have to listen to him bellyaching and hexing the naturopath with each waking breath.


In other exciting/scary news, H has dropped his math class at school and we are going to start tackling it through distance education after the holidays. It hadn’t been going super well and so we are going to take a swing at it at home instead. (I told him he has to call me Mademoiselle Mom)!


I am SO happy we are able to give him a fresh start but it’s also very intimidating. His teachers were, well, not exactly on board and it doesn’t help to win the battle if you lose the war. I’m confident this was the best option for us, (and pretty sure that polynomials won’t get the best of me), but doesn’t stop the “what ifs” and worry.


Here’s to hoping that down the road I’ll be writing a success story/I-told-you-so blog on this latest adventure and not sitting here Googling “does math really matter?” while the Board of Education is banging on my front door.

And on that note, I better get something productive done this day before it’s gone. Four days, 9 hours, 27 minutes… but who’s counting! (Us, we are definitely counting).

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