Murder, Math, and Perogies

With the alarm clock ting-a-ling ringin’ in my head
I woke up dog tired, beat down, half dead…

Between math and hockey, math and hockey, the weekend just flew by and it sure IS Monday!

H finished up Module 1 and received 85%! We phoned a few people to shamelessly brag share the news and Auntie F’s “holy shit” was a satisfying (and appreciated!) reaction. So proud of his work so far!

Perhaps a bit premature with 7 modules still ahead of us but still a bit tempting to ask the guidance counselor if they still feel like a traditional classroom environment is the best for H… Maybe we better hold off until at least the midterms are over (and successful). I hate the taste of crow.


Especially prudent to wait when just today we had to e-mail the teacher to ask about an INSANE question included in the newest assignment. I told H to  send an e-mail to ask for help and he sent:

“Hey, quick question. Was question #5 supposed to be included in this course? Even my mother doesn’t know how to do it.”

The response was swift and assured us that yes, there was no mistake, this monstrosity was indeed included with intention. Well damn.


Outside of our cloud of censuses, samples, and stats, we squeezed in a couple hockey games as well (1 win+1 win = proud mom) and H joined Grandpa T for dinner while A and I went out for a date night.

Little did we know his education didn’t end when he closed his math book that day! Grandpa filled him in on the attempted murder in our hometown, why global warming is a hoax, and who knows what else… Education complete? Check.

I tried to make things easy for Grandpa for H’s food plan and just asked him to avoid white flour, yeast, and tons of sugar… so he had perogies and a milkshake. #nailedit

When H came home he tried to tell us he had chicken noodle soup but then Grandpa blew his cover.  So then H tried to say he was just trying to keep Grandpa from being in trouble… oh these two!


Sunday afternoon after every chart was graphed and every axis was labeled, we went and saw Hidden Figures at the theatre to celebrate the end of Module 1. (Oh your math class doesn’t have field trips? Bully for us)!

Based on what we saw I don’t think being a human calculator for NASA is likely in H’s future but who knows… we’ve only just finished Module 1.

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