I’m Back: na-na-na-na-na-na-na

It’s been awhile and as I lay on what will likely be my deathbed with a cold, I thought I would share what could be my last post. Everything they say about Man Cold vs Mom Cold is FALSE! I’m curled up under the blankets feebly calling out, “PAM!” to no avail.


Though February is short-changed on days, this is the closest thing to the 3 month mark since we started visiting the naturopath so I thought it was timely to share a part of my experience in the hope it helps someone else.

Everyone has that one friend they just can’t shake; mine started with an A (and no, it isn’t Adrian)! Anxiety and I may not have always got along but we were THISCLOSE for years. Maybe I didn’t have anxiety every single day, but it was definitely most days.


For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting anxiety’s acquaintance, allow me to briefly explain: anxiety is not stress. I cannot stress enough how not stress it is. Anxiety is not based in logic at.all. and you have to battle your own brain with yes: the very brain that has turned against you. Fun.

After years of coping, using everything from breathing and grounding techniques to the best pharmaceuticals money can buy, with a practically near death experience sprinkled in for the hell of it, I was more than ready for a change.


Some straight-forward blood tests gave my doctor the picture she needed to hocus pocus up a vitamin regime for me. Rather than share what my particular pill potpourri is comprised of, I will encourage anyone who is interested to speak with their doctor or naturopath to discuss what’s best for them.

I doubled down with Whole Foods Hell ™ and in the last three months I haven’t had anxiety once. Not once. Yes, sometimes I’m stressed out but that’s because of REAL things that are happening that I have REAL worry about!


And I was lucky: I had an understanding and very supportive husband to walk through it with me, even if his path looked very different than mine. Not exactly what he envisioned when he took up with the young blonde bopping around years ago I’m sure but that’s why they say “for better or for worse”!

It is INCREDIBLE to me that after so much difficulty and suffering, (yes, suffering!), the final solution was so easy. It’s a fucking crime that health professionals don’t start with a natural, simple and effective solution!

I have no way of knowing if anxiety and I will meet again but I know that we are definitely estranged. A few more months and I’ll say the divorce has been finalized.

If you are fighting with anxiety, speak with your doctor or naturopath. If you know someone who is fighting with anxiety, share this post with them. Steal it, I don’t care! Just share the message because it’s possible it could help them too.

Disclaimer: No, this might not be the solution that works like a magic bullet for everyone but damn it, it sure helped me.

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