I’m Back: na-na-na-na-na-na-na

It’s been awhile and as I lay on what will likely be my deathbed with a cold, I thought I would share what could be my last post. Everything they say about Man Cold vs Mom Cold is FALSE! I’m curled up under the blankets feebly calling out, “PAM!” to no avail.

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Murder, Math, and Perogies

With the alarm clock ting-a-ling ringin’ in my head
I woke up dog tired, beat down, half dead…

Between math and hockey, math and hockey, the weekend just flew by and it sure IS Monday!

H finished up Module 1 and received 85%! We phoned a few people to shamelessly brag share the news and Auntie F’s “holy shit” was a satisfying (and appreciated!) reaction. So proud of his work so far!

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The War Whoop Heard Across the World

Holidays came to a screeching halt today and after sleeping in past my alarm, I hauled myself back into the office and H was prodded off to school. (A, sadly, had already been back to work for a week).

As much as I would have liked to be on holidays indefinitely, I was looking forward to today a little, as I was ready to get started with H’s math program. I don’t exactly recall the 7 stages of grief but am becoming familiar with the stages of (homeschooling math) grief:

Terror, sheer terror, some extra terror, lots of planning, then a dash more terror before finally: acceptance/let’s get this over with already.

The 17th Ring of Hell (oh, and Christmas)

A little hodge podge to catch up… A is back at work and H and I are in our second week of holidays and they have been flying by in a whirlwind! Between Christmases with all our family and H’s hockey tournament (GOLD BABY!), time has gone by in a POUF!

With Granny M’s departure today, I am starting to look around at all the things I meant to do over the holiday and haven’t started and the more miles she goes down the road the longer my list gets… Cat hair and crafts and cleaning, oh my!

How I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks without counting a single calorie

(Okay, so really it’s 8lbs but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Our family started a whole food diet a couple weeks ago after meeting with a naturopath to kick off a healthier lifestyle so we are now fully in the throes of what I fondly refer to as Whole Food Hell.

*Honestly, (HONESTLY!): the focus is not losing weight (or only one of us *cough* me *cough* would be doing it), but to target better health for our whole family in many different aspects.

**But also honestly, the scale IS one of the tools that show me the progress I’m making and can be a positive motivator.

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My Mother’s Favourite Son

I have a brother I don’t know

He is my mother’s son

She didn’t carry him as a baby

He is her chosen one.

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Why I won’t be helping “them” this Christmas

It’s sometimes always maybe a little awkward to step out of our comfort zone. And it turns out that even when we have the best intentions, we sometimes still get it wrong. But as we prepare for the Christmas season, we should count our (likely many, many) blessings and find ways to reach out anyhow.

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Hazards of the Highlight Reel

This summer we had family photos done at the park. The pictures we shared with family and friends, the one ones we’ll frame, show a loving family. Smiles, embraces, tender moments. But what about the ones that end up on the cutting room floor? The ones where my chin is more than double, where H’s cowlick is out of control, or A’s eyes are half shut?

Or even… the ones where we don’t look like a loving family at all?! The ones where H is dragging on me and haranguing in my ear, and A isn’t helping, and I just look disgusted with them both? Well of course those don’t end up on the mantle…

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Home is where…

Well after we heard Jayden has been telling kids at school that he gonna get his 14-year-old cousin from Winnipeg to beat them up, we thought it must be time to take a trip back home for a visit, (and to calm that kid down)…

We decided to make the visit a surprise for all the kids and in the week leading up nearly everyone blabbed something to nearly blow the surprise, (I’m looking at you Dad… and A… and Auntie R…). By some miracle, they didn’t catch on… UNTIL Mom called them the very morning we were making the trip and said, “Aren’t you so excited Auntie and H are coming to visit?!” (We knew she was the weak link).

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Take Your Kid to Work Day

I still remember H’s first day of school like it was yesterday a million years ago. I turned around twice and now he’s a high schooler, and everything is “beast” or “lit” and if you don’t agree you can “get wrecked”. Or something like that.

This week I got to take my sweet/angsty boy to the office for Take Your Kid to Work Day. He was surprisingly excited (he must have momentarily forgot that once you hit your teens, you are strongly forbidden from having positive feelings about your parents past about a 2 on a scale of 1 = OMG they are the worst to 10 = I don’t completely hate them).

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Tis the Season…FINALLY!

No, no, I don’t mean the Christmas Season… I mean the Christmas CAROL Season!!! Of course.

Anyone who knows me, (like my family, friends, distant acquaintances… people I’ve had a minor fender bender with… the guy who found my grocery list in the parking lot…), knows that I listen to Christmas carols year round. Like not a little, but on the regular. #noshameinmygame

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