Tis the Season…FINALLY!

No, no, I don’t mean the Christmas Season… I mean the Christmas CAROL Season!!! Of course.

Anyone who knows me, (like my family, friends, distant acquaintances… people I’ve had a minor fender bender with… the guy who found my grocery list in the parking lot…), knows that I listen to Christmas carols year round. Like not a little, but on the regular. #noshameinmygame

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Just Start

Ch-ch-check it out!
Blog revamp, version 3.0.

Both 1&2 were too specific (only so much to say about my potato bugs and jiggly thighs), and ended up feeling like work. Blech. Rather than just turning the page, I decided to chuck the whole book in the trash and start fresh. (Moderation is overrated). BUT… where to begin?

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